#stophateforprofit now!

Managing Director

Birgit Zuurveld

02 Jul 2020

Unilever, Adidas, TomTom, Heineken, Philips… do I need to continue? I think we all know what I'm talking about; the companies that have decided to join #stophateforprofit in the past few hours or days and have paused all advertising on Facebook for the next 30 days.

You can’t open a news site or they are writing about it. Is this revolution going to help in the fight against the powerful Mark Zuckerberg? Do brands need to participate? Isn't it hypocritical when they’re not propagating these values ​​intrinsically themselves? Can certain brands be successful without Facebook?

Yes, brands please join this movement!

This won’t come as a surprise, but I have an opinion about this. Which is; Yes, brands should join this movement! Maybe it’s a crazy thing to say as a Managing Director of a social media agency that works with the advertising budgets these brands spend on Facebook, but haven’t we reached the limit? And yes, Facebook is taking small steps to improve and I can also imagine that there’s panic in the boardroom of our big blue friend. However, as people behind brands, and also as consumers, we can’t just sit back and watch anymore. We really need to do something.

Because Facebook already showed that they can do good. Last month when evaluating the European Code of Conduct Against Online Hate Messages, Facebook promised to review hate messages reported by European NGOs within 24 hours and to remove them if necessary, Facebook scored better than any other internet platform. So it is not that difficult.

I know it's probably just a drop in the ocean and that brands will come back to spend their money on Facebook advertising again eventually. But I hope that every brand will consider investing their budget into other media at the moment. Think of it as a demonstration, it doesn't solve everything at once, but it can get the conversation started. Conversations that are really necessary to tackle this larger social problem. However, Facebook isn’t the core problem here. Everyone needs to do their part.

Enough other possibilities

Luckily there are plenty of other (social) media. YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, the possibilities are endless and results can certainly be achieved. And, it won’t surprise you, but if you have doubts about your brand and how to handle this. Send me a message, I am happy to help.


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