LolaLiza: Empowering community management

Head of Account (Belgium)

Salony Saxena

26 Feb 2020

Belgian fashion retailer LolaLiza’s fall/winter campaign was all about celebrating women. Through a closed Facebook group and the power of community management, we involved the community and we turned both the marketing and broader communication challenge of this campaign into an opportunity for connection and positioning.

Inspiring stories

For its fall/winter campaign, LolaLiza featured a group of real, inspiring women, from Flanders’ first female chef with a Michelin star to an advocate for women in tech. To make this campaign truly resonate with the audience, we asked the audience to share their own inspiring stories and their “power pose”- this in a private Facebook community.

The power of intimate conversations

According to Mark Zuckerberg, private messaging and small groups are by far the fastest-growing areas of online communication, with many people preferring the intimacy of private communication. By setting up a closed group for this specific campaign, we not only played into this shift, but we also made sure LolaLiza was able to claim an actually meaningful role in the topic of female empowerment.

This private set-up wasn’t just about telling the brand story; it was creating a meaningful community and establishing a real connection with the audience. Or, in the words of Facebook’s Strategy Lead Tatiana Peck: “Community can be an incredible creative spark that exponentially changes the way a brand lives in people's hearts and minds.”


In terms of results, the Facebook group was an immediate success, with over 1.000 people joining the group, even though media budget was limited. Each day, women from Belgium, but also from France and the Netherlands, joined and shared their pictures and stories. With over 3.000 conversations and interactions, we made sure the voice and story of every woman was heard.

With this personal touch, LolaLiza’s social media presence went beyond just products or sales. We made it about the customer. With this, we proved that both personalized community management and private communication are efficient tools for a brand to establish a meaningful connection.

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