Through the Facebook test-centre

Social Media Specialist

Margje Gerritse

04 May 2021

Are you having another drop in organic results on Facebook? You won't be the only one who has noticed this. Most brands are struggling with declining figures on Facebook. It's no secret that it seems increasingly difficult for branded organic content to reach its fans. How do we prevent this? By testing en masse.

Test 1,2,3, test

Facebook wouldn't be Facebook to pave the way for content they most like to see; video.

Currently still in pre-roll, but for the majority accounts ready to use; Facebook post testing. With this tool you determine the best organic video content for your community. At the heart of the Studio for Makers, the place to schedule your content within Facebook, you will find the opportunity to test your content on various facets before going live. Test variables are copies, headlines, thumbnails and various video edits. Four different versions can be tested alongside, with the winning content automatically published to the general public afterwards. You can decide for yourself how long the test will take, but 24 hours is the max. The test can be taken within 10 minutes, but please note that you will still have few results from your test group. Ideally, you test a post for three hours, so that you don't lose too many results obtained on the other versions.

During your test, the different versions are shown to a test group of followers and potential followers. The results achieved so far on the winning post will remain after publishing on the timeline. The content is not tested using Facebook's algorithm, but rather with what your fans respond best to. To determine the winner, you choose beforehand which metric your content should score best. You can choose from comments, shares, 1-minute videos views, reactions, people reached and clicks. During the test you can view the results and also see who is winning.

Not completely satisfied with the leading post? Stay in control by choosing a different winner before ending the test. You will be going against the preferences of your audience, so make sure that every version is social proof and ready to go live. If the winning post is live, you can choose to give it an extra boost in the ads manager. So, ready to start testing?