Introducing Linkedin Stories

Account Strategist

Salony Saxena

23 Sep 2020

While the whole lockdown situation has put some industries on hold, the people behind our favorite social media platforms have not been sitting still. Whereby now we are used to Instagram and Snapchat adding or tweaking features ever so often, LinkedIn is more steady and subtle when it comes to introducing new features. However, that’s about to change, as LinkedIn has started to roll out its new feature LinkedIn Stories in the Netherlands. We, for one, can’t wait!

A European exclusive!

LinkedIn has been testing Stories internally for the past months and, as of yesterday, Dutch users have gotten the first scoop. With the Netherlands being the first European country where this new feature is being rolled out, we had to get to the bottom of this! For now, LinkedIn Stories are only available for personal accounts and a few select companies that are in a testing phase (more about that ahead). We expect the format to become available for every company page on LinkedIn soon, as there’s so much potential in ephemeral content for LinkedIn.

In a nutshell

At its core, LinkedIn Stories are similar to the well-known Instagram and Facebook Stories. You upload a photo or a video (up to 20 seconds), it remains visible for 24 hours, and, during that time, your Story is highlighted at the top of the app. The analytics will show you how many times your story has been seen and by who. As the feature is an early phase, the options for LinkedIn Stories are more limited compared to Instagram. You can add text, mention people, and add stickers, but unfortunately, swipe-ups are not an option (yet)...

The power of Stories

Whether you are impatiently awaiting the new feature on LinkedIn, or you still need some time to wrap your head around this new update, there’s no denying that the format of Stories is here to stay. According to the platform, the addition of LinkedIn Stories will make content on LinkedIn more creative and personal while still focussing on the B2B markets. The format will encourage more conversations and engagement while giving users a new way to share content.

With short, snackable content, LinkedIn is also clearly aiming its arrows at a new generation - the generation that is growing up with full-screen unfiltered in-the-moment content. As LinkedIn reasoned themselves, why wouldn’t this generation also treat B2B content in exactly the same way? Jumping ahead on the need of the new generation in the working world, if the LinkedIn Stories feature is here to stay, it will truly demonstrate the power of ephemeral content.

So what’s in it for companies?

LinkedIn Stories offer a chance to develop more personalized content. They can give a unique insight into a company's culture via videos or you can let employees share their own professional experiences to add a layer of authenticity to the LinkedIn strategy. Next to that, you can promote events and conferences, as well as giving live coverage of these events.

Right now, there is a select group of companies testing LinkedIn’s new features, including KLM and ABN AMRO. The latter is using the feature to tell unique and relevant stories like the one below.


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