37% more conversion due to a solid social media advertising strategy

Holland and Barrett (known as the old De Tuinen) was introduced almost 3 years ago in the Dutch shopping streets. By modernizing the shop including a webshop, the marketing mix needed social to create awareness and push sales to a bigger audience. The challenge is the wide product range. Beside vegan products, it has supplements and vitamins to support your healthy being and a ton of healthy baking, sport and beauty products. 

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Holland & Barrett
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This left us with a big question. How do you sell a wide range of product categories to various audiences- at the right time, with the right message?

With a solid social media advertising and retargeting strategy we retarget website visitors based on their interests and favorite product categories during their consideration phase. We achieved 99% more website traffic which leads to a social media conversion lift of 37%.

The strategy- See-Think-Do

The Holland and Barrett advertising strategy is based on the Google strategy: ‘see-think-do’. A funnel that starts with brand awareness and later pushes people through the funnel all the way down to the sales layer. This funnel is the basis for our sales approach: target audience, storyline and creative.

When a brand owns a webshop the world of measurement and retargeting opens up providing endless opportunities. You can measure all different stages of the funnel into real data. To do so you need to install the Facebook pixel. Whit this smart code we can track how people move through the website, which products they view, where they stop in the buying process or eventually buy it. Don’t worry, we don’t know who they actually are (it’s just a number). We use this information to serve the right content at the right time, to the right people.

But first, we had to increase brand awareness at the top of the funnel. In this phase, we share the brand story with the audience and inspire them with fun facts about Holland and Barrett and what they stand for. We also send this message to lookalike audiences of the people who purchased something in the webshop and well as broad interest groups.

The next layer is ‘think’, here we retarget people from the see phase to increase the knowledge about the brand. The main goal is to send people to the website where they can explore the broad product range and get more information about the USP of the products.

That leaves us with the most exciting part of the funnel strategy: the ‘do’ phase. We run different ads based on the buying and searching process on the website. In the see and think phase we created ’buckets’ of people ( e.g. vegan, sport, beauty, and supplements) which we can use in our retargeting program. Via dynamic ads (based on people’s shopping cart before checking out and cross and up-sell) we retarget the right product, to the right people at the right moment. In combination with Google Analytics, we know exactly what people buy, Who our most loyal customer is, how to cross and up-sell and what the conversion window is.


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