Preparing for Carnival with Jägermeister and Gullie

Carnival has been the biggest party in the south of the Netherlands for many years. To ensure that all party people are well prepared for the Carnival, Jägermeister and Gullie are joining forces this year for the brand's new Carnival campaign.

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Jägermeister x Carnaval

Together with Jägermeister, we are already realizing our second Carnival's campaign. Last year Jägermeister brought together the North and South of the Netherlands by explaining the unwritten rules, this year a second step in the "southern" direction was chosen. Gullie, coming from the South of The Netherlands and known from hits Where is Mustafa!? and Brabant My Country, prepares you like a professional.

Kas Knikkink, Senior Brand Manager Jägermeister: “Last year we explained the rules concerning carnival with great success with the Brabant phenomenon Steven Brunswijk. This year we continue on that theme and try to bring people one step closer to that perfect carnival experience; this time by focusing on the preparation. We are very pleased that we managed to catch another Brabant carnival icon this year, Gullie."

During the campaign, Gullie is the central hero: he jumps in at all kinds of moments prior to the carnival. You have to look good, know all the new songs and have enough cash in your pocket. With more than 70 social assets, in which six different carnival celebrators play a role, there is a recognizable moment for every scenario, every partygoer and every location in which Jägermeister is relevant.

In the moment

"We have created a campaign that will hopefully appeal to the whole of the Netherlands by again claiming a topic that is relevant to everyone, both above and below the rivers," said Birgit Zuurveld, Managing Director Dorst & Lesser. “We did not only thought about the content, but also about the moments and places of distribution.

Interaction content

The campaign runs on the social channels of Jägermeister Netherlands. Around the party (D)OOH is also deployed and there is a Spotify list to get you in the mood. Via YouTube advertisement, which is purchased on carnival numbers, fanatics are extra encouraged to participate with you. Preparing for the carnival has never been so much fun!


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